Richard III: Tenth anniversary of Leicester find marked

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Richard III: Tenth anniversary of Leicester find marked

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Richard III: Tenth anniversary of Leicester find marked


The tenth anniversary of the uncovering of the remains of one of England's most controversial kings, in a city centre car park, is being marked.

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The legbone of King Richard III, who was killed in battle in 1485, was found by archaeologists in Leicester on 25 August 2012.

The city's Richard III Visitor Centre is marking the occasion with a programme of talks about the discovery.

The centre said it was incredible a decade had passed since the find.

'Historic moment'
The programme will include talks from some of the leading participants involved in the dig and the subsequent forensic identification of the remains.

These will include experts from the University of Leicester and other partners who were involved in the subsequent scientific research.

There will also be a talk from Philippa Langley and Matthew Lewis from the Richard III Society about their experiences of the dig and how it got under way.

The centre's general manager Iain Gordon said: "It's incredible to think it's already ten years since that moment when the tarmac was broken and over 530 years of history was scraped back to reveal the remains of King Richard III.

"We've been telling this incredible story here at the visitor centre for the last eight years and we're really looking forward to welcoming the team involved in that historic moment back to share their experiences with us."

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